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Yoann | Hedonist Motorcycle Tours

Yoann, French-Swiss
Motorcycle passionate in all its forms and curious of new horizons and meeting, Yoann will help you discover the routes he likes. These will be fast but also more pleasant, the goal being to enjoy every moment. Lover of good and beautiful things, you can trust him to share with you what he enjoys even beyond the bike.
Curious, outgoing, meticulous, he will be your guide during your stay.
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Marie | Hedonist Motorcycle Tours

Marie, French-Swedish
After having travelled around the world since childhood, she has decided to stay in the south of France, perhaps because of the mild climate. Rigorous organization and customer contact are her major assets. She also enjoys meeting new people, advice and assist in related activities. She also enjoys discovering new routes... as a passenger. Good things being common in the south of France, she makes most of it.
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